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The adoption of new technology helps companies compete and make leaps forward in the market place. That's why we offer financing that matches this thirst to put progress in the hands of UAE businesses.


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Use cases for Advanced Technology Adoption finance include the likes of smart manufacturing, renewable energy projects, digital transformation, healthcare innovations, smart cities initiatives and AgriTech solutions.

Our funding solutions enable the adoption of cutting-edge technologies in various industries, driving efficiency, sustainability, and innovation.

Max LTV: 80%

Max Tenor: 12 years

Max grace period: 15 years

As the key financial engine of the UAE's economic diversification and industrial transformation agenda, we have the mandate, the power and the resources to support investment in the adoption of Advanced Technology - with favourable long-term repayment plans, unlike any other UAE bank.

Applying for Advanced Technology adoption financing is as simple and straightforward as you’d expect from EDB.

Simply reach out to a member of our finance team here

What are the eligibility criteria for obtaining financing?

The eligibility criteria vary depending on the nature of the project or business. Generally, factors such as creditworthiness, business viability, and alignment with EDB's strategic objectives and focus areas are considered.

How can I apply for financing?

To apply for financing you can either call us or sign in on the website and complete an initial application form.  You will be required to upload relevant documentation.

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