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Make it in the Emirates

Thank you for your interest in “Make it in the Emirates”, which is a call to action for local and international innovators, investors, and developers to join the UAE on its journey of industrial growth. Given its strategic location, granting accessibility to more than 5 billion people around the world within 8 hours of flying, the UAE is a leader in the logistics sector, providing an exceptional support ecosystem to the industrial sector.

The strategy of the UAE Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, Operation 300 Bn, is a comprehensive national program that aims to drive industrial growth in the UAE. While the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology will lead on the program, the Emirates Development Bank will act as one of its key financial engines, allocating AED30 billion to support priority industrial sectors, financing 13,500 large companies and SMEs.

Specifically, the financial products are:

Advanced Technology & Equipment Financing

Financing for upgrading existing machinery and acquiring more advanced and  efficient machinery especially using Industry 4.0 technology.

Green Finance

Solution geared to entities using alternative or renewable energy or aiming to shift to a clean source of energy, which shall lead to environmentally sustainable development in the country.

Business Expansion

Support industries to develop their existing activities and expand beyond, which in turn will contribute to growth and support for the UAE’s economic development. 

Structured Finance & Equity Investment (this product will be launched in 2022)

Provide local industries with capital injection or alternative sources of financing to restructure their balance sheet or grow further.

The above products are available to Expat owned businesses operating in priority sectors & businesses owned and managed by UAE nationals across all industrial sectors. Our team of dedicated Relationship Managers understand the needs and requirements of small and medium businesses and will work closely with you to help design a financing plan suited to your business needs.

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